So Dan Wakefield (Ominous Castle) and I have been playing out for the past few months as Feast of Violet. It started out as Dan helping me out, playing my songs, but the project has grown into a fully collaborative group. So, we've decided to change our name, and I'm going to keep Feast of Violet as the name for my own recordings.

So, here's MIRROR MODE

We have one last show booked as Feast of Violet, on this Sunday (10/16) at the Earl with Still Corners & Lucy Dreams. Then after that, we'll make the full switch over, release some more recordings, and play our next show as Mirror Mode with Memoryhouse & Factory North at 529 on 11/1.

I'm also going to try and be more active on this as the "all things allen taylor" blog. Lots of developments coming up soon.


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feast of violet said...

that pic was made by elise tippins of featureless ghost (http://inadifferentfuture.tumblr.com/)