Creative Loafing Box Project

So Creative Loafing was kind enough to ask me to paint one of their big metal newspaper boxes for their relauch/facelift of the magazine thing. They are going to display it at an opening, and then actually put it out in the city of atlanta for use. I'll post pictures after the opening. They also asked some other bad ass local artists to do one (Baxter Crane, Esperanza, R. Land, the paper twins, Lucha, and Tedwood strong). I got a peek at them the other day, and they are ruling pretty hard.

The opening is going to be at The Soundtable in Atlanta. Its sort of a private party thing, so if you'd like to go, you have to RSVP here ahead of time. I'll be showing a piece at the opening as well, so be sure to make it out. Here's the link for the RSVP: http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/gyrobase/relaunch_party_rsvp/Page?oid=1581326 .

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