Roman Photos

So i'm in a band now. We're called Roman Photos. I play synths, sampler, and a cyborg floor tom. We've played a handful of shows so far. I haven't posted too much about it, because i'd like to wait until we have media, videos, recordings to share.

here's our myspace

also, here's a review from a performer magazine sponsored show:

"Roman Photo’s unique brand of post-punk and electronica set an early funky tone. The heavy bass lines and layered synths created an ambient, yet oddly melodic backdrop to the sparse, shouting and somewhat preachy vocals. The bass player’s sporadic yelps into the microphone at times contributed to the art fa├žade the band oozed on stage. At one point during their set the band even distributed various percussion instruments to the crowd – who at that point were more than happy to oblige them with their participation. Upon the completion of their set I couldn’t help but wonder how the band would sound if given time to mature. Their sound was definitely innovative and truly undefined, thus making me anxious to see what these gentlemen might come up with the next time I hear them. And there most definitely will be a next time."

Art facade? funky tone? gentlemen? Is this what we sound like, according to google images?

good game, guys.

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D Haddon said...

Awesome, I'm in that band.