Tape for MIXT Show

Here is the mix tape i made for the MIXT show at Mint Gallery on 8/22/09. It has all original music.


I'm posting it for two reasons. The first reason is that in my inexperience in using a four-track recorder, I mistakenly recorded onto one channel, meaning that the music I recorded came through only on one ear. The other ear, however, came from what was originally on the tape, which was a mixtape i made around 5th to 6th grade, including hits from such famous bands as Limp Bizkit, KoЯn, Blink 182, and so on. An interesting sound collage, nonetheless, but not what i was trying to go for, so here's a chance for people to hear it properly.

The second and most important reason that i'm posting this is the original songs that my friends contributed to the tape. I thank you guys so much for giving your time and energy for this little project. Hearing these really warms my heart, and makes me really grateful to have such awesome people in my life. I just wish I could have gotten everyone else in time! Maybe next time. If you like pretty, droney stuff, and amazing, stumbled acoustic one-shotters, give it a download.



1. Nathaniel Higgins (Carnivores) - Wheeter
2. AT - Mesa
3. AT - Sister City
4. Telephone Thing (David Mansfield) - I-20
5. AT - Keeping
6. Seth Bolton & Ryan Luce (Living Rooms) - Cave In
7. Philip Frobos & Tauseef Anam (Carnivores) - Little Not You
8. Seth Bolton & Ryan Luce (Living Rooms),
with Lisa Highfill (Magic Apron) - Tongue Side Out
9. AT - Residue
10. Roof Sitters (with Madison Marshall & Maria Hardin)
11. Philip Frobos (Carnivores) - Last Time
12. AT - Plump
13. Tauseef Anam (Carnivores) - City Girl (Kevin Shields Cover)
14. Seth Bolton & Ryan Luce (Living Rooms) - Quantize

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