new zine "HEARING LOSS"

Hey guys, i have a new zine/art book available that I made. It's called HEARING LOSS, and its got a bunch of drawings in it, a few of which you can see inside my pics folder. here's the cover (if you rotate it to the side, and color the background green or blue or something):

hearing loss zine cover

So there it is. Since I live in Atlanta, and if you live in Atlanta too, you can walk on down to your local Vacation location (this place - http://vacation-rules.blogspot.com/), and pick one up for four dollars.


You can buy one from the little paypal link below this paragraph. Buy one and I'll mail it to you with some original drawings and special treasures. It'll be $4.50, .50 more than if you don't buy one from Vacation, but that's your fault for not living in Atlanta. You know it is.

I'll keep this updated for when it's available more places.

keep it up,
A. Carl †aylor

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